UNIVERSIDADE EUROPEIA, IPAM LISBOA AND IPAM PORTO  have the great pleasure to announce the 16th INTERNATIONAL WEEK that will take place from 21st TO 25th MARCH 2022. As usual the event will combine an International Staff Program and an International Lecture Program.

The international week is scheduled to take place in a hybrid format, in which the guest can register to participate online or in person. It can be promptly turned into an online event if the Covid-19 situation requires so.

In attachment you’ll find some useful information about the event, including a draft program.


Sustainability, digital transformation and future of jobs

The idea of sustainability was born with the purpose of improving our daily lives, improving the livable world, improving our existence. It was born to give us comfort, to make the tasks that cross our paths every day easier.

In the same way that we look at the livable world, we should look at the digitalization of the planet. To look at markets, to look at policy development, to anticipate future scenarios, and to plan new solutions and new approaches for everyday life.

The future is not certain. No!

And it’s not physical either. It’s not material, but it can be tactile, if we equate the number of times we make or decide with a finger sliding across a screen.

It is our job as pedagogics to alert, to educate, to anticipate and to speculate about the future that has already arrived! Promote discussion, promote speculation, promote experiences.

We must have the ability not to be afraid to experiment, to criticize and… to anticipate. That’s our job as professors!

And that’s why we invite to be with us in the next international week at Universidade Europeia and IPAM.


Application Deadline: January 15th, 2022

Online application form: https://forms.office.com/r/EXtisec1wH

Abstract & Curriculum vitae (mandatory for teaching mobility) must be sent to this same e-mail.

16th International Week Invitation