ERASMUS+ Placement Offer

ERASMUS+ Placement Offer

Dear Sir or Madam,


I’m writing on behalf of a private language school KONTAKT CJO from Poland which has been successfully hosting Erasmus+ interns from different countries.

I wonder if you could distribute our placement offers among your students taking part in Erasmus+ internship programme, who may be interested in taking the internship in Poland.

We are offering places for trainees who would be interested in becoming either English/Italian/German/Spanish/French/Portuguese/Ukrainian and/or Russian language & cultural assistants or Digital marketing/Graphic design/Photography assistants. You can find necessary details attached or using this link:

We would be obliged if you could spread the word and send these placement offers to your students or publish them on your webpage.

Looking forward to your reply,
Katarzyna Skrzypczak

KONTAKT Centrum Języków Obcych
EDUSYSTEM Sp. z o.o.

PS. Please don’t delete the text of the original message while replying. Thank you.