Erasmus internship opportunities in Slovakia for June – August 2023

Erasmus internship opportunities in Slovakia for June – August 2023

Dear Erasmus colleague,

summer is coming and it’s a great time when students are able to go abroad for their Erasmus+ internships. That is why, we have prepared for you new Erasmus internship opportunities with the start in June-August 2023 which may be interesting for your students.  

To find all our open positions, you and your students can click here. Moreover, students can submit an online application at our website and state the sectors they would like to have internships in. Afterwards, if they meet all requirements, we will invite them for the first intreview, where everything depends on them.  

The conditions of our program stay the same:
– no fees for students,
– free accommodation provided,
– lunch allowance provided
– professional training and courses
– constant support by our team.

We will be more than happy if you can spread this Erasmus opportunity among your students, I believe they might be interested. In addition, if you want to post this opportunity on social networks, we can send you the info flyer additionally.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to welcoming some of your students to Slovakia soon!