Dear Partners and Colleagues,

We are writing to remind you that the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the Campus of TERUEL of the University of Zaragoza, in TERUEL (Spain) ( is currently organising its first INTERNATIONAL STAFF WEEK, to be held from 17th to 21st April 2023. The definite or final programme for this week will be ready by mid-March. However, right at this stage, we may confirm that during this week we will be offering: 

  • Slots devoted to mini-lectures/sessions showcasing the various academic areas covered in our Faculty (i.e. Business/Economy and Administration; Education/Teacher Training; Fine Arts; Psychology). You must be a lecturer or researcher working within these areas
  • Slots devoted to research colloquia/meetings where we can briefly present the research strands/lines our Faculty is strong at and, from there, explore current and future opportunities for joint research projects or collaboration at large with any of our partners. (for information on our research strands, please check:
  • Slots devoted to presentations by each guest on their University, city and country.
  • Slots devoted to exchanging ideas about the functioning of Teruel’s and our guests’ international relations offices.
  • Sociocultural slots aimed at offering our guests the chance to get to know and explore the beautiful city of Teruel and some nearby breathtaking hotspots.

With all of the above in mind, we would like to invite any academic and administrative staff members from any of our partner institutions to consider joining us during this week in late April 2023. There will be no participation feeParticipants should cover the cost of travel and accommodation using the EU staff mobility grant allowed by our current agreement. To help us get an approximate idea of the interest this international week would potentially generate, we will need you to take just a couple of minutes to fill in an online Google form where you register your potential willingness to come and visit us in the splendid historical city of Teruel; here’s the link:

If you have already filled in the form, then you may ignore this e-mail.

If you wish to find out more about our Faculty and about our city, Teruel, you may want to check out the attached leaflet and our international mobility website, especially the ‘INCOMING STUDENTS’ section:

We are all really looking forward to, hopefully, meeting in person as many of you as possible in Teruel in late April 2023!