4th International STaff Week

4th International STaff Week

Hereby I would like to kindly thank you  for Your willingness to come to Poznan University of Physical Education and take a part in the 4th International Staff week organized from 8th May, 2023 till 12th May, 2023.

Enclosed please find:

1.     detailed programme of our International Week,

2.     university map,

3.     events confirmation form (please send to me back).

I hope this week will be a few day long experience for teaching/training staff, students and exciting social events witch brings our university closer to the participants.


The schedule of your meetings with students and university’s staff will be send in the end of next week.


with kind regards,

Malgorzata Nawrocka


Malgorzata Nawrocka, MSc

Institutional Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator

Head of International Relations Office

University map_20230420_0001

4th International Staff Week-events’ confirmation

4th International ST Week- programme