International Staff Day: Quality in services, Metropolia UAS, 31 May 2022

International Staff Day: Quality in services, Metropolia UAS, 31 May 2022

Ακολουθεί μήνυμα από Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Dear partners


We are pleased to inform you that Metropolia University of Applied Sciences will organize International Staff Day online on 31 May 2022. The program is built around the topic of quality in the higher education services.


The program is intended to non-teaching staff, and we invite colleagues from our partner institutions who work in the following areas: library and information services, student wellbeing and international relations. We would appreciate if you could spread the word at your institution.


Themes of the day:

Library and information service

                          “Quality in developing library services”

During this session we will review the quality work in libraries from a service development perspective. What new themes have influenced your library services in the recent years (for example research data management, web accessibility or Open Access)? Have you expanded your services accordingly, for instance to include collaboration with degree programmes, students or other libraries? Have you reorganized your work assignments? In this workshop the aim is to discuss the development of library operations and share best practices.

Student wellbeing

“Quality in daily work with clients – best practices at Student wellbeing services”

At Metropolia, high quality is an important shared value which is visible in Metropolia’s strategy and everything that is done at Metropolia. This workshop describes and analyzes how quality can be seen in daily work with clients at Student wellbeing services. Workshop concentrates on best practices that employees have to create high quality top expertise at every level. Well-targeted Student wellbeing services, methods for developing Student wellbeing services and evaluating effectiveness at Student Wellbeing services are discussed.

International Relations

“From feedback to action: how to use feedback to improve quality”

During this session we dive in the role of feedback in building quality in the incoming and outgoing student exchange processes. The goal of the workshop is to create an ideal way to gather, process and put the feedback in action.


Please fill out the registration form by May 18. More information and the schedule for the day on our Staff Day website.



Looking forward to meeting you virtually!