The information below is addressed to Erasmus+/ICM participants (from Partner Universities, KA171)


Requirements for Application

  • Valid Inter – Institutional Agreement between UniWA and Partner University
  • Having completed the 1st academic year (for Bachelor level only)
  • English B1/B2 level according to the CEFR


Erasmus+ mobility duration

Students can participate in Erasmus+ mobility either on an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level for up to 12 months per level (cycle).
The duration of the program can last from 3 months up to 12 months.
Exact duration of each mobility shall be discussed between Erasmus+ offices, based on the IIAs.

Please note that the maximum mobility period that can be funded for Erasmus+ Studies is 4 months, according to the approved funding from the Greek National Agency (State Scholarships Foundation IKY) and the European Commission.


Nomination and Application Deadlines*

  • For Fall/Winter Semester: 15 June
  • For Spring/Summer Semester: 15 November

*or according to the guidelines received by UniWA’s Erasmus+/ICM Office during the Call for Applications

Academic Calendar

Semester’s Duration (Courses)

Fall/Winter Semester: End of September – 3rd week of January
Spring/Summer Semester: End of February – 3rd week of June

Exams’ Period

Fall/Winter Semester: 3rd week of January – 1st week of February (2 weeks)
Spring/Summer Semester: 2nd and 3rd week of June (2 weeks)


The University of West Attica opens a Call for Applications to its Partner Universities. The Partner University will officially nominate the selected student(s). The student(s) will then receive information and instructions from the Erasmus+ Office of the University of West Attica on how to complete and submit the required documents.

A complete Application File includes:

  • Official Nomination Letter by partner HEI
  • Scan of International Passport
  • Student’s Application Form
  • Language Certificate
  • Learning Agreement

(3 months mobility: 20 ECTS credits, 4 months mobility: 30 ECTS credits)

Erasmus+ Required Documents

  • Scan of valid International Passport
  • Student’s Application Form
  • Learning Agreement for Studies (3 months mobility: 20 ECTS credits, 4 months mobility: 30 ECTS credits)
  • Language Certificate or document from the Partner University proving the required language level
  • Applicant’s Bank Account
  • Visa*
  • Insurance Contract
  • Ticket Reservation
  • Erasmus+ Student Charter
  • Grant Agreement
  • Boarding Passes (round trip)


*You will receive an Official Invitation Letter for visa issuance once you submit your documents, in order to apply for a visa as soon as possible to the nearest Greek Consulate or Embassy.


All participants are obliged to have adequate insurance coverage, valid in Greece and for the whole Erasmus+ mobility period.

Types of insurance:
a) Health care insurance (mandatory for Erasmus+ studies), especially in case of repatriation and specific medical intervention,
b) Personal Accident Insurance coverage (optional for studies), covering at least damages caused to the student at the study place,
c) General Liability Insurance Coverage for Third Party (optional for studies).


Participants are responsible for issuing their ticket. The travel costs include all possible public travel means that they may use in order to arrive to the final destination. The amount is constant no matter what means will be used and no matter what the prices of the tickets may be.
The travel grant is calculated according to the EU’s distance band calculator for a round trip. The boarding pass and tickets are the supporting documents of the participant’s mobility between the Sending Institution and the Receiving Institution, which indicate the participant’s place of departure and arrival.


Registration at UniWA’s Department

Once you arrive at the University, you should register at the Secretariat of the Receiving Department. Your ESN buddy usually can help you with that. After your Registration, you will receive a username and a password and a UNIWA e-mail in order to activate your account.


Academic ID
After you receive your username and password and activate your account, you can apply for an Academic ID (in Greek: paso).


Change in the Study Programme
You have the right to change your Learning Agreement and agree on those changes within 1 month after the beginning of your official mobility period, for any reason. In that case, you will need to prepare the “During the Mobility” part of your Learning Agreement. The new study plan should be accepted by the student, the Sending Institution and the Receiving Institution.


EU online survey
Around a month before your official mobility period ends, you will receive an automated email by the EU to complete an online survey. It is mandatory to complete it. Check your spam/junk folders as well.


Certificate of Attendance issued by UniWA
Transcript of Records: it will be sent to the student and the Partner University within 5 weeks after the end of the Semester.


Incoming participants are funded from the University of West Attica, as it is the beneficiary of the Erasmus+ programme. The participant shall receive financial support from Erasmus+ EU funds. The individual support from Erasmus+ EU funds for the mobility period is 850€/month. In addition, the participant will receive an amount as a contribution for travel. The range is 180€ – 1500€ for a round trip. The amount is fixed regardless of the price of the ticket. The amount of the grant to cover travel costs calculated is based on kilometric distance between the place of origin of the Participant and the venue of the activity (i.e. University of West Attica).


The total grant, individual and travel, is divided in two installments, the first one before the mobility (and after the signature of the agreement by both parties) and the second one after the end of the mobility and successful completion of the required activities. The second installment will be given to the participant only if he/she successfully passes 15 ECTS, according to UniWA’s Erasmus+ Committee decision.


Please note that the maximum mobility period that can be funded from the Programme is 4 months, according to the approved funding from the Greek National Agency and the European Commission.


The University of West Attica does not provide accommodation to its students. The students are free to select any type of accommodation, according to their preferences. However, we suggest to our exchange students to get in contact with some private dormitories in order to find the best possible solution. Students are advised to use well-known websites in order to avoid any scams. Useful links:


All Erasmus+ students, during their official Erasmus+ mobility, have three (3) free meals in the university’s restaurants.

  • Campus Egaleo Park (Monday to Friday): 28, Agiou Spyridonos Str., Egaleo 122 43
  • Campus Ancient Olive Grove (Monday to Friday): 250 Thivon & P. Ralli, Egaleo 122 44
  • Kritis Restaurant (Saturday, Sunday): 10 Kritis Str., Athens (city center) 104 39


ESN (Erasmus Student Network) West Attica is a network with volunteer students helping students. You are kindly advised to get in contact with ESN West Attica in order to be assigned with a buddy (upon request in the relevant form). You can get in contact with ESN through their website or Facebook page or their email address.