Why Erasmus+

There are countless reasons -that may differ from individual to individual- to participate at the Erasmus+ program, but those could be the most prominent ones:

  1. Socializing.
    Erasmus+ is not merely a new university in a different country. You are able to meet new people and make new friends. The development of strong friendship bonds is a core constituent of Erasmus+.
  2. Language practice and improvement.
    Erasmus+ not only gives you the opportunity to practice and improve languages you already know, but also learn new ones. The constant contact with both native students/speakers and people from all around the world will help you understand the country’s language and culture in depth.
  3. A new way of life.
    You will come across a new reality and environment. You will be able to travel to new and exciting places, to get to know new cultures and broaden your horizon.
  4. Independence.
    You will be able to act independently, meaning that you will manage and handle money matters and every-day issues all by yourself.
  5. Attending classes.
    You will have the unique opportunity to attend courses, different from your university’s curriculum and you will be able to be part of a diverse educational system.
  6. Positive effect on job prospect.
    The possibilities of getting a job either at your home country or abroad are significantly increased. Not only you get to know better the requirements of the marketplace but Erasmus+ participation is a great asset on your CV.