Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

The information below is addressed to Erasmus+/ICM participants (from Partner Universities, KA171)

A valid Inter-Institutional Agreement between UniWA and Partner University is necessary in order to participate. There is an open call for applications 2 times per year by Erasmus+/ICM Programme. After the participants are selected, the procedures and necessary paperwork are the following:

Before departure

  • Invitation Letter from UniWA
  • Application Form for Training (sent by e-mail at
  • Mobility Approval (from the Research Committee)
  • Mobility Agreement (Staff Mobility for Training)
  • Grant Agreement
  • Detailed attendance program, validated by UniWA


After the mobility

  • Certificate of Attendance (with the exact dates of visit)
  • Completion of the online EU survey
  • Boarding passes and tickets (for the payment to occur)
  • Staff Mobility Report, which will be published at Erasmus+ ICM website


The payment order is issued by UniWA Research Committee,  under the Greek National Agency’s regulatory compliance.