• System of Study Courses

A typical course consists of series of lectures and an assignment. Detailed information about the specific characteristics of a course can be found in the respective information provided by the departments.

  • Grading System

According to the University of West Attica studies’ regulations, the grading system is in a scale from zero to ten and grade distribution is as follows:

ECTS scale ECTS Grade UNIWA scale
Excellent A 8.50 – 10.0
Very Good B 7.50 – 8.49
Good C 6.50 – 7.49
Satisfactory D 5.01 – 6.49
Sufficient E 5.00
Marginal Fail FX 4.00 – 4.99
Fail F 0.00-3.99
Withdrawal Fail WF The student failed to attend.

Successful completion of a course requires a grade of at least 5.0.


  • ECTS Credit System

University of West Attica follows completely the ECTS credit system. The estimated workload for a full time student is 20 ects per trimester, 30 ECTS credits per semester and 60 ECTS for a full academic year.

  • Language Requirements

English: B.2 level is  absolutely required as a proof of the good knowledge of the English Language.  Official language of instruction at University of West Attica is Greek but there are many courses also available in English.

  • Student Fees

According to the Erasmus+ University Charter, all Erasmus+ students, are exempted from fees for tuition, registration, examinations, and charges for access to laboratories or libraries at the receiving institution. Small fees for insurance or student union membership may still apply.

  • Accommodation

University of West Attica does not provide  accommodation facilities. The students themselves should look after this, in accordance with their personal preferences. It is advisable that the students should also address to the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) West Attica for help and support, e-mail: esnwestattica@gmail.com.

  • Health Insurance

The European Health Insurance Card or equivalent is obligatory for the EU students. Students from Turkey or any other non-EU country must have a private health insurance contract.

  • Immigration Requirements

Non-EU students must follow the visa regulations foreseen for every specific country.