Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA)

The information below is addressed to Erasmus+/ICM participants (from Partner Universities, KA171)

A valid Inter-Institutional Agreement between UniWA and Partner University is necessary in order to participate. Staff Mobility for Teaching also requires at least eight (8) hours per week of teaching at the Partner University. There is an open call for applications 2 times per year by Erasmus+/ICM Programme. After the participants are selected, the procedures and necessary paperwork are the following:


Before departure

  • Invitation Letter from UniWA
  • Application Form for Teaching (sent by e-mail at
  • Mobility Approval (from the Research Committee)
  • Mobility Agreement (Staff Mobility for Teaching)
  • Grant Agreement
  • Detailed attendance program, validated by UniWA


After the mobility

  • Certificate of Attendance (with the exact dates of visit and hours of teaching)
  • Completion of the online EU survey
  • Any material used for teaching at UniWA
  • Boarding passes and tickets (for the payment to occur)
  • Staff Mobility Report, which will be published at Erasmus+ ICM website


The payment order is issued by UniWA Research Committee.