The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) Programme supports the mobility of individuals enrolled or employed at a higher education institution (HEI), from a programme country to a third country not associated with the programme ( or vice versa. Mobilities for teaching, training, studies, and traineeships can be managed following the available funding allocated by the Greek National Agency and the European Union. 


The University of West Attica (UNIWA) is committed to promoting internationalization as an integral part of its mission/vision. UniWA’s strategy will guide the University’s efforts to increase the number of participants, enhance the quality of experiences and foster long-term partnerships with ΗΕΙ’s. UniWA’s integration strategy is to maintain successful partnerships and nurture new strong relationships, marked by shared success and mutual benefits for the HEI’s involved.



  • increase the number of students, staff & faculty
  • support the development of high-quality, credit-bearing mobility programs that enhance participants’ learning outcomes
  • foster partnerships with HEΙs to promote educational initiatives & joint research
  • provide adequate resources & support to ensure the success of the E+ program
  • spark innovative ideas to stay abreast of current trends
  • seek the opportunity for networking, innovation & community engagement
  • improve the qualifications of academic staff in specific fields


UNIWA has established a dynamic internationalization strategy and has created an operational structure for the support of the E+ program.

Regional, departmental and faculty coordinators, have been indicated. Roles and responsibilities, assigned to each team member to ensure accountability and quality. The faculty coordinators, the institutional coordinator, two vice rectors, and the head of the E+ office, constitute the E+ Committee, responsible for the overall management of the program. The proposed mobilities per region, are aimed at creating long term relationships, emphasizing the benefits that will help reach the shared goals. For the needs of the E+ program, a UNIWA faculty member is indicated for every partner country as a country coordinator. This organizational structure ensures the implementation of UNIWA’s internationalization strategy in every region.

Actions to turn green, to digitize our administrative activities, with an emphasis on the grantees with fewer opportunities, a clear inclusion and diversity strategy, and continuous improvement to increase quality, are continuous, non-stop challenges for the UNIWA.



  • Find the Inclusion and Diversity EU-strategy here