Erasmus Internship

The internship should offer you a high level of knowledge and quality and be relevant to your field of study.

Pay special attention to the announcement which is:

Every October if I am interested in moving during the spring semester

Every April if I am interested in moving during the winter semester

The institution must meet some criteria of the internship guide, it is necessary that the internship is directly related to the subject of your studies.

The working framework you will join should be clear from the beginning, and internationally accepted working conditions should be ensured,

From the description of the subject of the internship it should be clear that this concerns the development of skills and the acquisition of professional experience and that it is not about:

(i) attending courses or workshops that are part of a university curriculum;

or (ii) elaboration of part of a research paper.

Not eligible as hosts:

– The institutions of the European Union and other bodies of the European Union including specialized units

– Organizations that manage EU programs (in order to avoid possible conflict of interest and / or double funding).

Information regarding the selection process

Within the framework of each announcement, students from the Departments of the University of West Attica as well as the Collaborating Institutions of the Group are selected. The selection of students is done in a way that is characterized by transparency, consistency and equal treatment of all candidates.

The number of students selected for participation (with funding) in the mobility action depends each time on the amount of approved funding of IKY to the University of West Attica.

The student’s application form is evaluated based on the following criteria

Minimum level of language proficiency: B2 in at least one foreign language

Academic performance

Due specialty courses

Year / semester of study

Acceptance by a foreign body

Additional student eligibility criteria

Scholarships are awarded exclusively to students who are:

Nationals of the country participating in the ERASMUS + program

Citizens of other countries enrolled in a regular study program at an Institution of Higher Education in Greece, provided that they meet the eligibility and selection criteria set by the program and the Student Institution respectively.